The Idea isn’t just a Spanish Book Club. It’s an ever-growing catalog of books to read in Spanish. It allows you to find books that are interesting to you, and get down to the business of learning Spanish. No matter your current level of fluency, you’ll be able to find a level-appropriate book to help you develop your Spanish language skills.

Why Amazon?

We find Amazon to be a trustworthy online retailer. If you’ve ever returned an item through Amazon you know what we mean, especially if you’ve used Amazon Prime. Prime members also get the benefit of free 2-day shipping on tons of items, which allows readers to stretch their book dollar a fair amount (Try A 30-Day Free Trial). Aside from a local bookstore, Amazon is the best book shopping experience we’ve found.

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Spanish Book Club Featured Books

La clase de confesiones

Carlos hates Spanish class with a passion but finds the will to survive when he lays eyes on Jessica. She is the reason he “tolerates” his boring class. However, his secret crush is compromised when his teacher decides to “shake things up a bit” in class. More Spanish Books for Beginners.

La espía huérfana

After the tragic death of her parents, Violeta struggles to adjust to her new life in San Diego. Her life takes an intriguing turn when she receives a mysterious letter warning that she is in grave danger. When she learns that one of the world’s most wanted criminals has escaped from prison and is looking for her, it will take more than courage to survive. This book was written for Spanish language learners and contains a glossary of over 250 words to help keep the text compelling and comprehensible. More Intermediate Spanish Books.


Rodney is a smart high school student who has to pay for his own AP tests. Everybody else he knows has parents who actually pay for things, but he has to work at a hamburger restaurant to earn enough for his exam fees. Of course Rodney doesn’t take the job too seriously. He would rather spend the time studying, so he devises a plan to make sure there are never any customers to interrupt him. Nobody comes to the hamburger joint where the employee never washes his hands… well, almost nobody. Two days later, when Rodney is being pursued by a ruthless drug trafficker, he barely has time to regret his unsanitary ways. More Spanish Books for Beginners.